A Guide to Poker Players

Improving your gaming skills will definitely help increase your poker winnings, but you will also choose the right free poker games to play. There is an old poker story about a pro that was the sixth best player in the world but never earned a dime. The reason for this was that he only played against the top 5 players in the world. The moral of this story is that you make money when you have a clear advantage over your opponents.

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Don’t trust yourself too much

We all want to be the best players at the table and always want to play as best as possible. However, he probably will not have an advantage over every opponent in every game. Remember that even the best players in the world play below their level, as this gives them more chances to win and more profitably.

Regardless of the type of game you are playing, whether at a live table or playing with other players online, do not try to go to tables with players who are much better than you. You are just about to throw away your money.

What game to look for?

The first thing to consider is your bankroll. If you cannot afford to pay $ 5/10 live or $ .50 / 1 online, then you should not. You must upgrade to a more affordable level or upgrade to free Situs Judi Poker Online games.

No matter how you want to think that you are the best player in the world, this is unlikely, so you should think about your skill level and stay at the table level, where you really know that you have a chance to win.

Being extremely honest with yourself regarding the bankroll and your skill level, you should think about what table you want to sit at. Find a table where your potential opponents play weak and weak. Watch for bugs. Free play will allow you to win big jackpots, because players will defeat you with weak hands, and passive game will give you the opportunity to win a draw at a low price and intimidate opponents.


You will never be lucky and you will always find a free table. However, you should still have a good enough idea if you can win at the table by first watching the players. It’s good to be a good player, but to be a good player, to make money; you need the ability to choose a game.