Watch 4hrs of Live Hamsa improv!


Watch 4hrs of Live Hamsa improv!

No Comments 15 April 2012

Hamsa Lila was hired to play this amazing packed club for a private party.  Our great host House and Garden knew us from all night epic shows at Burning Man and asked us if we would improv for 4+ hours!!! and we happily said F$%^ YEH!!! Thats what we love and so rarely get to do…it goes straight back to the roots ceremonies in Africa where we are inspired by! There are many many guests here…. I will try to get everyones names and list them here soon.  But man if you have some time cruise through these….We only recently discovered that this was even video taped and that someone posted it on You Tube!  As I listen while posting this I am digging where these jams journeyed to.  The magic of improvisation and extended play allows us to travel to places perhaps that can only be found through these means….what do u think???

Hamsa Lila @ Regency Ballroom

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Hamsa Lila @ Regency Ballroom

No Comments 18 January 2010

Well, the event at the regency Ballroom on November 14th, 2009 was in all ways an amazing success!   We had a great turnout old family friends and fans, and lots of new ones as well.  Musically we played with some hero’s of ours including Airto Moriera who joined us on stage for the entire set!  Others included Rasaki Alodukun from King Sunny Ade’s band on talking drum, Faisel on dumbek and Climbing PoeTree bringing in some amazing voices/mc.

Others that made the evening special…

Jacob -eye

Lynx & Janover

Jeff Stott

DJ Dragonfly

the Regency Ballroom

Justin Katz

Peter Lull

Airto Moreira on stage with Hamsa Lila

Green Fest


EarthDance Network

Harmony Fest

Coconut Bliss

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