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Watch 4hrs of Live Hamsa improv!


Watch 4hrs of Live Hamsa improv!

No Comments 15 April 2012

Hamsa Lila was hired to play this amazing packed club for a private party.  Our great host House and Garden knew us from all night epic shows at Burning Man and asked us if we would improv for 4+ hours!!! and we happily said F$%^ YEH!!! Thats what we love and so rarely get to do…it goes straight back to the roots ceremonies in Africa where we are inspired by! There are many many guests here…. I will try to get everyones names and list them here soon.  But man if you have some time cruise through these….We only recently discovered that this was even video taped and that someone posted it on You Tube!  As I listen while posting this I am digging where these jams journeyed to.  The magic of improvisation and extended play allows us to travel to places perhaps that can only be found through these means….what do u think???

Tinariwen & Hamsa Lila & Friends VIDEOS!

Hamsa Lila & Tinariwen: 2 Night, Uncategorized

Tinariwen & Hamsa Lila & Friends VIDEOS!

No Comments 06 June 2010

As we ponder and prepare for the amazing two nights coming up in Colorado, June 23 & 24, 2010.  We spent some time on the ‘ol You Tube, we thought we would post a bunch of great vids we dug up of all the performers at the two night run we are calling WATER OF LIFE!

David Satori of BEATS ANTIQUE on Violin, Electric Saz, Slide, Beats will be sitting in with Hamsa Lila!

Jason Hann – Percussionist with String Cheese Incident and Drummer with EOTO is also going to be a guest of HAMSA LILA… enjoy a video of EOTO and SCI below


DJ JEFF STOTT (Hookah Dome of Burning Man, Six Degrees)

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