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Hamsa Lila Music is NASA approved!

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Hamsa Lila Music is NASA approved!

1 Comment 27 February 2010

I think this is pretty funny, and well, as someone in awe of both inner and outta space, it’s pretty cool too! Yes in order to play YURI’s Night, where Hamsa Lila will close the HANGAR stage from 10pm-12am on April 10th. Read more here We had to be approved by NASA! I think HAMSA LILA music even though it is very EARTH based, playing instruments of GOAT, CAMEL, COW, FISH, BAMBOO, TREE….we do travel the inner and outta realms of space.

AND we have always had an affinity for the Ancient Astronauts! (so cool a band started with this name… check them out here I think not only would Humans traveling at 16,000 MPH in a shuttle or hanging at the space station dig some Hamsa Lila… but what would some other “aliens” dig… what are they trance -ing on… I know some of you think you know… synths seems to get close right? Add trust me i dig me some synths, love em, and look out for more in the Hamsa experience.. But..some of the most alien other worldly sounds I have ever heard or created were made 100% acoustically with 3 of us using our voices to resonate cymbals across the room.

So…as we rocket off into orbit following the infinite sunset… I will leave you with some music by a band called “YOU” that was made up of 3 of the original HAMSA LILA members (Beryl-Brett Jacobson, Vir McCoy, John Schroeder + Patrick and Justin of Rosin Coven)

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