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Tinariwen & Hamsa Lila & Friends VIDEOS!

Hamsa Lila & Tinariwen: 2 Night, Uncategorized

Tinariwen & Hamsa Lila & Friends VIDEOS!

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As we ponder and prepare for the amazing two nights coming up in Colorado, June 23 & 24, 2010.  We spent some time on the ‘ol You Tube, we thought we would post a bunch of great vids we dug up of all the performers at the two night run we are calling WATER OF LIFE!

David Satori of BEATS ANTIQUE on Violin, Electric Saz, Slide, Beats will be sitting in with Hamsa Lila!

Jason Hann – Percussionist with String Cheese Incident and Drummer with EOTO is also going to be a guest of HAMSA LILA… enjoy a video of EOTO and SCI below


DJ JEFF STOTT (Hookah Dome of Burning Man, Six Degrees)

Hamsa Lila & Tinariwen : 2 Nights in Colorado!

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Hamsa Lila & Tinariwen : 2 Nights in Colorado!

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Tribal Sahara Blues  /  World Trance & Electro-Groove

TWO NIGHTS : JUNE 23 – DENVER, CO /OGDEN THEATER   (Hamsa Lila opening)

JUNE 24 – BOULDER, CO /BOULDER THEATER  (Tinariwen opening)


DJs DAVID STARFIRE  (6 Degrees,SF)   &  JEF STOTT  (6 Degrees, Hookadome/Burning Man)

appearing with Hamsa Lila : MICHAEL KANG & JASON HANN  (String Cheese Incident) & DAVID SATORI (Beats Antique)


WATER OF LIFE brings attention to, and celebrates the efforts of leaders and volunteers dedicated to securing safe, drinkable water creating sustainable ongoing solutions for communities worldwide.

Water of Life will be a two-night flurry of awe inspiring performances, and a powerful ceremony of intention and healing.   Music serves as a conduit to channel energy, and in this case, towards protecting our natural water resources on the planet!

House of Hamsa – the production arm of Hamsa Lila – is putting together these two very special shows with a poignant theme – water!  With the current worldwide water crisis at hand as well as the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, this is one of the highest priorities on the planet needing to be addressed.

In addition to the potent messages that each of these inspiring bands bring within their music, this two night event also creates an historic connection between African nomads playing modern instruments of the West (electric guitars & effects) and contemporary Californian bohemians playing an array of traditional African instruments.  As each of these two ensembles is a serious force of inspiration in their own right, such a potent, and first-time combination poses a rare opportunity to create an exciting,  memorable  musical experience – surely to be talked about for years to come!


Tinariwen are a group of Touareg nomads from sub-Saharan West African who’ve created an infectious, raw, mystical sound along with their striking desert attire of robes and head wraps, as chants and rebel songs lay over grungy blues guitars, bass, hand drums & percussion.  These desert rockers started out as freedom-fighters displaced by wars and dictatorships, deaths and disasters – and became icons for a whole social movement. It is said that every Touareg from Tamanrasset to Timbuktu is a member of Tinariwen, so widely are their songs known and treasured.  Tinariwen has been blazing through the global world music festival scene since they stole the show at the first Festival in the Desert (Mali, Africa 2001).  Over 700 gigs later, they have played Glastonbury, WOMAD, & Coachella, and their CD’s have been tearing up world music charts since their fan-wowing release in 2004 “Amassakoul”.   Big name fans like Santana, Robert Plant, Bono & the Edge, and Brian Eno reflect the truly unique and potent beauty of Tinariwen, who are currently one of the most popular and best selling African groups on the planet!



“This is musical mysticism …. Call it trance. Call it spiritual. Call it otherworldly.  The effect is the same: bringing listener and musician to a higher place than before.” San Francisco Chronicle

Often referred to as ‘pioneers in the world fusion genre’, Hamsa Lila broke new ground with their inspired blend of traditionally influenced world fusion dance music.  Drawing primarily from the healing musics of North & West Africa, the group uses an onslaught of traditional instruments, including the bass-like lute called a ‘sintir’, the ngoni – a large gourd harp, the gan-gan – a talking drum, shakuhachi flutes, kalimbas, and assortment of percussion gear.  Ripping drum kit player Inkx Herman (Paul Simon, Sting, Habib Koite, Hugh Masekela) lays indelible grooves underneath male and female lead vocals that weave hypnotic harmonies amid various dub effects, electronics and patches.  Headlining famous halls like The Filmore (SF) and The Crystal Ballroom (Portland), and playing an array of  popular music festivals, including Earthdance, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Shambhala (BC, Canada) and Harmony Music Festival, the band earned legendary status at Burning Man (2001 thru 2006) playing epic all-night shows in that Nevada white sand desert.  Their initial release “Gathering One” reached to #2 on CMJ’s National World Music Chart, as well as #2 on Chart Attack (Canada).  After a 3 year performing hiatus, the band is now hand picking mostly self or co-produced, benefit-based events that are pointed at social change, environmental activism, human rights and indigenous tribal support, dedicating itself to only doing highly conscious events, raising awareness, and supporting powerful causes.


DAVID STARFIRE (6 Degrees,SF) (Wed night)

David Starfire is a music producer/DJ that fuses world music with dance music and electronica. His two albums, “Bollyhood Bass” and “Bombay Beatz” were released on the internationally known label Six Degrees Records with much acclaim. He’s performed around the globe and at large music festivals such as Winter Music Conference, Coachella, Love Parade, the Forum, Musikmesse, Electric Picnic, Shambhala, Harmony, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle and Earthdance. He’s collaborated with artists such as FreQ Nasty, Ooah (Glitch Mob), Lynx and Janover, Information Society, American Music Club, Wire Train and members of Beck.


JEF STOTT (6 Degrees, Hookadome/Burning Man) (Thur night)

Six Degrees Recording Artist Jef Stott has been deftly navigating the realms of the global remix for over a decade.  Jef recently returned from world tour supporting his 2009 release ‘Saracen’ that included dates in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, New York, Miami, Vancouver, SF and LA, sharing the stage with many luminaries in the genre including Cheb I Sabbah, Gaudi, Makyo, & David Starfire. Festival dates have included Shambhala, Beloved, Harmony, and Earthdance.  As a producer, he has founded the projects LUMIN, and STELLAMARA, produced releases for for MC RAI, and SOM’MAm and released many tracks and remixes for the Six Degrees label as well as written tracks for film, television and the popular Sims Video Games. As a musical anthropologist, he has studied with master musicians from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Iran and Turkey which led him to become accomplished on several traditional stringed and percussion instruments of the Middle East. These instruments figure prominently in his composition and production work as well as inform his sensibility about cultural relativism and issues of appropriation.  His work has been released on several record labels including Universal, EMI, Six Degrees, Hearts of Space, Triloka and City of Tribes. He has performed at festivals and concerts in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Istanbul, Edinburgh, London, and Mexico. His new record label EMBARKA RECORDS has released the debut from MC RAI and new titles from artists he is producing as well as his own work and remixes.  Jef lives and works in San Francisco.


DAVID SATORI (Beats Antique) (Thur night)

David received his BA in Music Performance and Composition in 2001 from California Institute of the Arts. He recorded and toured the West Coast with The Funnies, an instrumental, experimental quartet based in LA which put out two full length CD’s between 2001 and 2003. The Funnies figured out  how to run the bus on  recycled vegetable oil from restaurants. In 2003 David moved up to San Francisco and joined the 10 piece afrobeat band Aphrodesia.  In 2004 Aphrodesia made a historic trip from San Francisco to New York in his bus driving on 100% recycled vegetable oil,  to join the protest at the Republican National Convention and received national attention when USA Today featured the Bus and Aphrodesia on the cover of the USA Today’s Life Section. In 2006 the band made another historic trip to West Africa where the band toured through Ghana, Benin Togo and Nigeria, ending their tour by performing two nights with Femi Kuti at the New Afrika Shrine. David also promoted the use of Bio-Fiuels on this trip and made appearances on Ghana national TV speaking about the issues of alternative fuels.  In 2007 David helped form Beats Antique, a trio bringing together Tommy Cappel from the Yard Dog Roadshow and Zoe from The Indigo Bellydance Company and Miles Copelands Bellydance Superstars, and released their first album on CIA records. Beats Antique has been touring the US in the past year and have received wide acclaim for their unique sound and presentation. Growing like wildfire under the canopy of live electonica and world roots music comes Beats Antique, a masterful merge of modern technology, live instrumentation and seductive performance.



Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident) (Wed night)

Jason Hann is an accomplished percussionist/drummer who has been playing professionally since the age of 12.  Jason has also toured and recorded internationally within many different genres of music including Rock, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Latin-Jazz, Flamenco, African, Persian, Electronica, Techno and World music. The amazing roster of artists he has worked with includes String Cheese Incident & EOTO, Baba Maal, soul legend Isaac Hayes, Loreena McKinnett, Les Nubians and a host of top Grammy winning hip hop artists like Dr Dre, Youssou N’Dour, Rickie Lee Jones, Herbie Hancock, & Andre Crouch among a long list of others.  Jason has performed at places like Festival in the Desert (w/ members of SCI), the Greek Theater in LA, Universal Amphitheater (LA), Mt. Fuji Festival in Japan, and has enjoyed wide success as a guest percussionist with many well-known traditional World music artists like Persian legend Mansour, Cameroonean legend Andre Marie Tala, Guinean Kora virtuoso Prince Diabate,  & Guinean dancer Abdoulaye Camara.  Jason has enjoyed multiple world tours with various artists including percussion legend Vinx, Sony Latin recording artist Marisela, String Cheese Incident, Isaac Hayes, and Persian artist Mansour.





Women’s Earth Alliance is an organization doing important front-line work around the world by supporting women through sustainable water technologies,agriculture & pro bono advocacy for indigenous women environmental activists involved in front lines work defending the health and wellbeing of their respective (largely underserved) communities.



Rock the Earth works closely with the music industry and its fans, many of whom are concerned with the fate of our public lands, air and water. We act as advocates to ensure the existence of a sustainable and healthy environment for all, and represents those individuals and communities whose environment or natural surroundings are directly and adversely affected by the actions of others.  Rock the Earth, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, national public interest environmental advocacy organization, is committed to protecting and defending America’s natural resources through partnerships with the music industry and the world-wide environmental community.

Rock the Earth is dedicated to bringing about positive and beneficial environmental consequences on behalf of members of the music industry through the means of active litigation and negotiation.



A terrible drought has struck the north east of Mali, home of Tinariwen and other touareg bands like Tamekrist and Terakaft. Thousands of animals are dying and fights have broken out around the wells that are still giving out water. TINARIWEN have lanuched an appeal for funds to help alleviate the suffering of the local nomadic population.



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